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Zimmer & Co. is a health and wellness distribution enterprise focused on hemp-based CBD products. Our primary market is the Caribbean where the principals have almost 50 combined professional years encompassing sales, marketing, business development, entrepreneurship, management and customer service.

Helping People | Improving Lives

The company presently has a portfolio of 140 products including 51 that have been approved for sale in Jamaica by the Ministry of Health. Zimmer & Co. is a fully licensed distribution pharmacy approved by the Ministry of Health and the Pharmacy Council of Jamaica and also holds a controlled substance license. The company is the leading distributor of CBD products and presently sells into over 450 retail outlets in Jamaica.

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our mission

Helping people | Improving lives

Through a dynamic, passionate and driven team, we provide world class health and wellness products to our customers while playing an active, engaged and involved role in the communities we serve.

Why Client Trust Us

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Our partners have invested the time, effort and resources to bring the best science into their research, development and production.

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We look for products that have been proven effective and which meet market need.


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Zimmer And Company deliver world-class service throughout our organization.



Relationships have been the foundation of our development as an organization, from selecting our manufacturing partners to our retailers and our direct clients.

We believe in building relationships that stand the test of time. At Zimmer our goal is to service a customer for life and we align our product selection and operational practices in a manner that allows us to deliver in a manner befitting lifelong partnerships.


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