How can you become a Morning Person

Are you someone who wants to be a morning person, but unfortunately is not? Have you tried sleeping earlier and earlier at night, but still wake up tired. Well CBD may help you. Before we get into  how CBD may help you be a morning person, we have to understand the benefits of being a morning person.

Getting up early is definitely one of the routines successful people have in common. Many people claim that being an early bird is what allows them to stay ahead of others. Even though being a morning person is more beneficial than not being one, people who do not get enough sleep will most likely not be and there will be a slim chance of becoming a morning person. 

There are many benefits of being a morning person that should convince you to try and do anything and everything you can to try and get some sleep and be refreshed in the morning. 

The Seven Benefits are:


  • You Increase Your Productivity


First and foremost the productivity aspect seems to be the key reason successful people pursue for being early birds and a morning person. To be clear, you do not need to rush right from the start. Honestly it is a personal choice. The truth is, starting to be productive very early in the day gives you a mental boost, while the rest of the world is asleep you are already thriving, you will check off the majority from your to do list by lunch time.


  • You Develop Self-Discipline 


In order to be a morning person, you have to be able to be an early riser, which takes a lot of self-discipline and will power. As the saying goes, “Rome was not built in a day.” you can compare that to yourself  having self-discipline, “You will not change overnight.” A gradual process builds incredible discipline overtime. Imagine waking up one minute earlier than yesterday until you reach your desired hour. Bit by Bit, you will build your way to be a morning person. Furthermore, a new habit will increase your ability to form a new positive habits and stick to them for good.


  • You feel more Energized


Let us say that you did not pull an all-nighter, you will feel more energy during the day when you get up early. But it is not only just the fact of waking up that make you energetic, more important are the routines you implement. Exercising, meditating, or practicing yoga are popular among people who dedicate their early mornings to physical activities. Releasing endorphins gives a great boost to feel better for the rest of the day. 


  • You feel a sense of Satisfaction


Imagine that it is time for lunch and you already accomplished your whole to-do list for the day. You can enjoy the rest of the day doing some light and fun activities like reading, spending your time with family and friends or taking a walk in the park. While the rest of the world still struggles to complete all their assignments, you proudly checked them all off.

This great sense of satisfaction boosts your motivation to thrive the next day. It is easier to start with the most demanding tasks and then go to the effortless activities than vice versa.  


  • You thrive in a distraction free environment


When it is 4 or 5am, you can be sure most of the people are still sleeping and dreaming. There are less potential obstacles you need to overcome in order to fully focus on your goals. Fewer people and fewer contreversions to break the peace and give you time dedicated fully to yourself.

The morning silence is a special part of the day. While dreamers keep dreaming about their ideal lifestyle, successful people wake up earlier to make their dreams become reality. 


  • You have more family time


Participating in a rat race can make you neglect your family, I do not mean this in the literal sense, but if you keep focusing on yourself, you will lose time to spend with your family. When you are in the later part of your life it will be the biggest thing you will regret. So you should take action before it is too late. 

Hypothetically, let us say, your family members head home after a day of work or school. By starting your day earlier, you create more space for spending extra time with them once they arrive. You completed your duties in the morning , so now you can just have fun with your friends and family without feeling guilty.

One moment shared with your loved ones is one of the best things in the world, and waking up earlier to make it happen is definitely worth it. 


  • You stay ahead of the world


Your body will adapt to the new schedule to waking up with the sunrise, which will become a habit you no longer think about. As it happens, you will, squeeze as much from your morning as possible.

Overtime you will test different morning rituals to finally find the one that suit your needs the most. During the process, you learn more about your strengths and weaknesses which are invaluable lessons when it comes to self-improvement. What’s more, you will implement a daily routine that will make you stick out from the crowd and achieve extraordinary results with ease.


How to make it happen

Waking up early does not have to be hard. Here are some great tips that make it less of a struggle. Firstly, progress gradually, you will not become a master overnight. A good strategy to begin with is to wake up 1-2 minutes earlier everydayuntil you achieve the desired result. Secondly, sleep enough so you are actually well rested. Another useful thing to do is to put your alarm clock in the distance so you need to stand up to turn it off. 


Now that we know the benefits of being a morning person we can now talk about how CBD can help you become a morning person. 

When mornings begin to feel more like they are controlling us instead of the other way around, our solution has always been created a routine, one that is tailored to kick out stress and help boost the feeling of “I Got This.”

Incorporating CBD into our morning routine has become a staple that helps keep our cool, and stay calm and collected when facing the day.

There are countless ways to work CBD oil into your daily routine, but here are a few of our favourite ways to start the day with a smile and take off the right foot. 

The Four big ways are:



  • Taking it with breakfast


Adding CBD oil to your morning cup of coffee can help perk you up while also calming a frantic mind so that you are in a better head space when work stressors start flying at you. You could also add it to smoothies.



  • Including CBD with your skincare routine


CBD acts as an antioxidant, reducing damage to the skin that is caused by free radicals, which causes premature aging of the skin, and we all want that baby face back am I right? Research has shown that CBD can be even more effective to the skin than Vitamins C and E

CBD will add an extra layer of protection against fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. If you are someone who suffers from breakouts, CBD oil can also be used as a spot treatment since it has powerful antibiotic properties. In clinical studies it has shown to reduce acne blemishes that are caused by inflammation  bacterial infection and oily skin.


  • After a morning workout


Are you someone who experiences post-workout muscle soreness or cranky joints? CBD can help with that. It has been shown to support a healthy inflammatory response and help put out the internal fire.


  • During the mid-morning slump


Everyone gets the mid-morning slump, it usually happens on Mondays after a big weekend. You are trying to get back to your work routine but your brain feels foggy and you are having trouble staying focused. Research has shown that the properties of CBD can help the brain with clarity and focus, CBD can also ward off stress, so you can focus on the taskin front of you instead of worrying about your long to do list. CBD can help support your mind, mood and body, it can help make mornings less of an uphill battle and make for a more productive day. The key is to find the right dose and delivery just for you. Just Remember You Got This!


Now that we have discussed how CBD can be used to help you become a morning person we can now talk about what products Zimmer and Company distributes that help with making us morning people. 

There are quite a few products:

  1. The XCan21 Skincare line
    1. XCan21 CBD Gel
    2. XCan21 CBD Day Cream
    3. XCan21 CBD Night Cream
    4. XCan21 CBD Lotion
  2. The DragonFly Vape Pen
  3. Hemp Prana P4


As said above Using CBD in your Skincare Routine can be beneficial in making you a morning person by helping you get that baby face back and making you feel like you can look great every morning. Many people have said that if they feel good about themselves they are more likely to start their day with a bang and be more likely to be a morning person. The XCan21 products Zimmer and Company distribute are one of the well known CBD Skincare products that are used in Jamaica today and most likely in the world. 

Now another way you can become a morning person, is by actually sleeping well in the night time. Just think, you get no sleep at night, how do you expect to be a morning person the next day. Well Zimmer has two big named products that can help with sleep. The two products listed above, The DragonFly Vape Pen and Hemp Prana P4. The DragonFly Vape Pen  is where the oil is in the pen and you vape it to get the benefits of the oil while the P4 is the oil itself, where you add drops under your tongue. The P4 does work faster but if you are someone who does not like the method of putting the oil directly in your mouth you can always lean on using the DragonFly Vape pen because they are both very sufficient in helping you sleep.  


This is how CBD can help you become a morning person and ways you can consume CBD. The products above are very sufficient to help you become a morning person.


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